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Who Am I

I’m Daithi and I have been into living a low impact, low footprint lifestyle now for over 30+ years, inclusive of this way of living has been, living in my own designed and built Octagon Home, growing organically, permaculture and also hydroponically growing my own food. 

Like most of the global population I found myself in my younger years square box living as I called it back then, I always found it in a way dark and somewhat non conducive to a happy centered state of mind, I had an inadvertent affinity with the thought of Octagon living many years ago, when I spent a few days in and around a Geodesic dome, from a Conformists view an Octagon home is viewed as a bit left field


My Work

I've never been one to flirt with the general ideals of the conformist General Populous and archaic guidelines, so in a fit of, I can't even say artistic flare more frustration with life and living in a bottle neck, I grabbed a well used biro pen and an old ruler and a few sheets of creased printer paper and I club handed set to designing or should I say shoe horn my ideas into an age old Ancient Esoteric Energetic shape, even when I initially sat down and started to lay down some lines and partitions.

I realised little did I know how even a little spat of frustration and an old pen ruler and paper would end up having such a profound and life changing impact on me,in retrospect I didn’t understand how living in an early 1960s Social housing designed shoe box could have such an impact on my life, my health, my mental state of mind and ultimately my day to day living quality. As out there as this may sound to you, Octagon Living has literally given me a second chance at living a life that's conducive to a more healthier way of living.


My Vision

As odd as this may seem I also even have a sense of freedom indoors, when I finally moved into my Octagon Home it was sparsely furnished at first, even as I sat on the floor that night with the paint still half wet on my tea cup, I felt a sense of calm, serenity and peace and quiet and oneness with the building, I never knew I was carrying so much of a load in so many departments. I genuinely felt a sense of some kind of euphoria like you understood everything and everything understood you, I truly hope that you make one of my Octagon homes and an Octagon lifestyle your way of living, and make it part of your Family's Future for Generations to come ….

Whatever you do in Life Build Smaller Fences and longer dinner tables...Make your Dreams your reality, I did…..Daithi.

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