Octagon Home Designs are Based on the Ancient and Esoteric and Energetic Forms

What We Do..

Our Octagon Homes Start from Single/Couple's Occasional / Vacation Occupancy's right the whole way up to Investor level Project's, Air B&B and beyond, we offer a full Comprehensive Consultation Service from Inception to Completion,

We Currently work with Clients from 42 Geographical Locations and so far have not found any Inhibitive Factors .We Pride Ourselves on Bringing your Doodle on a Piece of Paper all the way through to a 2d/3d Plan and on to a full 3d Animated Render


The Purpose of our designs here at Ocatgon Living are to Maximize space and help you with all the positives of living in an Octagon home we have made this our mission statment. 



All Design's have the options to be single level Building's or Double or even Triple level's.