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Design Details

All Design's have the options to be Single Level Building's or Double level's, we can work with any Redesign's within the constraints of our Octagon Principle, we have an in house Design Consultant/Architect and Graphic Artist/Animation Expert who can re/work to your desired specifications, we also work with Investor's on Design's for Multiple Air B&B Occupancy's, Boutique Accommodation and Organization Packages, currently we are working within 42 Country's and are expanding our client base ,and also growing with the knowledge gained with all the varied Geographical Locations, we are an outwardly thinking and outwardly growing Progressive Company and are willing to work and gain knowledge from various Eco home sectors, we firmly believe healthy home living is a healthy home way of life and leads to a staple and balanced person and environment. Please don't Hesitate in anyway to sit down with us and discuss how we can help you move on from today and for Generations to come.

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